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Data Acquisitionand Oil Services

Seismic and other technical (data) is the basis of new ideas and improving performance in the oil and gas industry worldwide, which has still an ocean of data to be incorporated into the industry databases, mainly in countries with high potential and still unexplored basins.

More Multi-beam Data

Acquisition in Brazilian waters

With cutting-edge technology and innovative data acquisition techniques and data, such as Multi-beam, geochemical data, geo-technical data, 2D seismic, among others, Oil Group is accumulating extensive knowledge in several Onshore and offshore basins in Brazil, including new frontiers, such as the equatorial margin.


Offshore Services

AUV, ROV, Environmental and Seismic

The Group also brings its experience in managing and offering offshore services in the areas of environmental research and monitoring, metaoceanic and underwater, with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) or remotely operated (ROV).


Exploration & Production

Combined Expertise

The different types of research aim to reduce the risk and the cycle time of exploitation for E&P companies. The combined expertise in acquisition and in processing data, and the highly qualified human capital working with big data and capturing its value, are competitive advantages that position the Oil Group as a strategic partner in the upstream.