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Oil Group brings to the Brazilian market a new business model to incorporate downstream operations into its upstream operations, which favors the flow of regional production into small scale refineries (mini plants and modular refineries).

The small-scale refineries offer a better opportunity to increase income generation and meet the market demands of the marine fuel market by utilizing technological advances. The small-scale refineries Oil Group plans to use are cost-effective and can located close to high fuel demand areas.

A new concept in refining

Mini plants (up to 5000 barrels) and modular refineries (up to 20000 barrels) are a flexible and economical supply option for oil producers in remote areas.

  • Low CAPEX.
  • Low O&M costs.
  • Pre-fabrication and modular construction.
  • Strategic selection of locations with poor supply of petroleum products.
  • Short assembly period in the plant area.
  • Less environmental impact.


4 Modular refineries
(Southeast and northeast)

2 Mini Refining Plants
(Midwest and Northeast)


Competitive advantages

  • Fully integrated technology, with low cost and high production level.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Little competition in remote areas.
  • Generation of specific products according to profile and market opportunities.

Environmental benefits

  • The units being designed meet current and future environmental regulations.
  • Derivatives will also align with existing regulations to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Application of best practices and management of water use will promote reduction in volume and cost of raw water used in refining operations.

Oil Group's downstream strategy enables planned expansion through new units and potential mergers and acquisitions.