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Oil Group operates in oil and gas exploration, production and refining projects and is committed to the production and supply of high quality products and services using efficient, safe and reliable operations.


To become a rapidly growing integrated E&P company in the oil and gas sector, providing quality products, generating value to shareholders and clients in an ethical, sustainable way and with social and environmental responsibility.


Reference Company in the operational and technological management of refineries, acting in the market in a competitive manner with focus on customer satisfaction, partnership with suppliers and offering high quality products.


  • ETHICS and TRANSPARENCY – We operate with integrity and respect, focusing on moral and behavioral principles in the relationship with employees, clients, suppliers and institutions, aligned with the best business practices.
  • RESULTS – We seek to generate value for stakeholders with focus on capital discipline and cost management, working with suppliers and clients, providing products with fair value compared to competitors in the market.
  • ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY – We are committed to acting harmoniously, based on these three pillars, offering products or services with fair and competitive values in relation to the market, favoring the personal development of employees and seeking Excellence in health, safety and environmental practices and procedures.
  • PEOPLE – We believe in the value of people, we seek the development of their skills, teamwork, respect within and out of the company.


Oil Group is committed to promoting sustainable development through efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operations that respect the environment and the rule of law.

Corporate Responsibility

The Oil Group is committed to the safety and health of its staff, contractors and communities impacted by its operations.

We strive to minimize impacts on the environment, demonstrate a high level of social responsibility and ensure regulatory compliance.

We believe that the good performance of QHSE is essential to the success of our business. This policy applies to the entire workforce and subsidiaries of the O&G Group.


Oil Group has developed a code of ethics and conduct in business that aims to guide the conduct of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively called “Corporation”) in its business according to all laws, rules and regulations and with the best ethical standard.

The Code applies to all directors, executives and employees of the corporation, as well as to service providers – consultants, suppliers and partners (collectively referred to herein as “employees”).

The Code has the standard to be designed to promote integrity and avoid violating the fundamental principles established by the company.

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