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Exploration and Production


The integration of our exploration and production businesses reflects the synergy between the Oil Group’s business areas. This integration is a natural evolution in the of the company’s growth strategy, which is made possible through its expertise in the application of exploratory methods, special processing and interpretation of geophysical data, and extensive knowledge of the main sedimentary basins in the country.

This combined experience in data processing and interpretation is a crucial step for oil companies that allows the development of drilling prospects and new discoveries, plus the acquisition of producing assets, which enables the Oil Group to develop a strategic portfolio of assets, including offshore and onshore exploratory blocks, the acquisition of onshore producing fields and the application of new technologies to increase well productivity.

Our portfolio aims to meet the bold goal of the group to achieve high levels of production needed to support its vision of operating modular refineries as integrated oil and gas company.

The Oil Group continually reviews opportunities to incrementally increase its production, especially in the onshore.


In the onshore segment, our objective is to drill new wells and the use modern workover rig technologies to increase the production of old wells, while also increasing the recovery factor of mature fields and their ultimate total production. Also, the reinterpretation of old seismic data coverning mature fields and adjacent blocks have revealed important prospects and leads that will be drilled to increase production.

These actions focus on increasing the productivity of the fields and the volume of 3P reserves, that will add value to portfolio, along with the prospective resources identified in exploratory blocks that will substantially increase Oil Groups’s production levels.

These assets are located in areas that have pre-existing facilities and needed infrastructure for treatment and to facilitate quick marketing of any production, oil or gas flow, enabling immediate operation.

Recôncavo Basin

Riacho Sesmaria Field

Marginal accumulations and five adjacent exploratory blocks (REC-109, rec-110, REC-119, REC-120 and REC-121) with a prospective resource around 5 million of bbl.

Sergipe-Alagoas Basin

Fields of Tigre and Ponta dos Mangues (PDM)

Fields where workover operations have already started in five producing wells and where. new seismic reinterpretation generated a Deep Play prospectus with expected drilling in 2021.


Our extensive experience in interpreting multi-beam surveys in deep waters and the knowledge of the basins of the equatorial and eastern Brazilian margins, enables our highly qualified technical team to capture the value and empower Oil Group to implement exploratory campaigns with greater effectiveness than our competitors.

Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin

In 2013, the company was awarded two deep water exploration blocks in Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin on the 11th BID Round (PEPB-M-621 and PEPB-M-729), pela Niko Resources.

Oil Group is a vertically integrated company with clear strategy and experienced managerial and technical staff, that is highly qualified for integrated upstream and downstream development projects, while, managing risk and capital resources.