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About Us

We are an integrated oil and gas company involved in data acquisition, exploration, production and refining. We have a well-balanced portfolio, a unique asset base and multiple lines of cash flow, and we are positioned for substantial growth that will enable us to provide excellent financial returns to our investors.

Our Story

• Oil Group acquired SeaSeep and created a new E&P company in Brazil.
• Oil Group increased investments in Brazil.
• SeaSeep Survey acquires a new fleet of acquisition vessels.
• In December 2016, SeaSeep started a multi-client 2D seismic campaign in international waters in the Rio Grande Rise region.
• Oil Group started feasibility studies of four refineries projects in Brazil.
• Oil E&P acquired assets in the Recôncavo and Sergipe-Alagoas basins.
• In June the SeaSeep Coring Program is initiated in the Campos and Santos basins.
• Oil Group acquired three blocks in the Recôncavo basin (adjacent to own assets).
• Company is accredited to participate in the permanent offer of the ANP.
• Oil Group acquired two more blocks in the Recôncavo Basin, totaling five exploratory assets and a mature field – Sesmaria Creek.
• Our story began with Niko Resources, a Canadian E&P company that used multi-beam surveys to evaluate the prospectivity of deep-water basins.
• Conducted large multi-beam survey (MBES) in Indonesia – 1.2 million km².
• Niko formed SeaSeep to conduct Brazil’s first multi-beam MBES survey to evaluate Brazil’s deep-water basins – 110,000 km² in the equatorial margin.
• Establishment of Niko Brazil – E&P.
• SeaSeep completed the first phase of the MBES program.
• Niko acquired two offshore exploration blocks in the Pernambuco-Paraíba basin.

Business Strategy

We identify integrated strategic opportunities that create unique value in upstream and downstream projects.

Balanced Portfolio

Oil Group delivers a balanced portfolio of projects to the investors in key segments of the E&P industry – research, E&P and refining, and coupled with expertise in service management.

Expertise and Big Data

Our data, research capacity and extensive experience, provide a unique knowledge of the main sedimentary basins, and position the Oil Group as a company capable of generating great value.

Innovative Model

Other value that the Oil Group provides to the sector, by proposing a differentiated refining model, with mini refineries or modular units close to the source of generation, as well as the consumer market or export channels.


The company’s technology strategy is anchored at three points:

Use of the state-of-the-art data acquisition technology, both in onshore and offshore areas. The use of AUVs offshore and other modern tools, for example, ensure greater effectiveness in exploratory campaigns.

Application of new concepts and technologies to increase reservoir recovery and ultimate oil field production.

The most advanced refining technologies are being implemented using expert international strategic partners, t to implement a new refining model.

Board of Directors

Oil Group brings together experienced in the upstream and downstream O&G sectors to optimize value, while managing risks and capital.


Marty Wittstrom

Chairman of the Board of Oil Group

Marty is a geoscientist with more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has held several positions in technical and business leadership, managing important exploration and field development projects in basins in the United States and overseas.
He has implemented Centers of Excellence for reservoir characterization, reservoir management, (conventional and non-conventional reservoirs), analysis of exploration portfolios and professional training.
He had a 26-year career at Chevron, where he managed projects in all United States onshore basins, he was also the Vice President of International Exploration for Reliance Industries and VP of North America Business Development for the Information Store.
At Niko Resources he was the South America Business Unit Manager.
He is the president of Oil & Gas Investments Group, a Houston-based holding company for investments in Latin America in the E&P operations and services sectors.


Fabiano Diagoné

Chief Executive Officer

Fabiano has managed the operations and projects of companies’ in the oil and gas sector since 2002, He has solid experience in the finance area, investment operations and investor relations.
In the projects that he managed, he incorporated the most modern technologies and innovations applicable to the oil and gas industry. In the exploration sector he implemented and managed the first and largest offshore Multi-beam survey, which covered more than 110,000 km² of deep-water areas in Brazil.
With experience in finance, investment operations and investor relations, Fabiano holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and a Master’s in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Management of Oil and Gas Companies. He has worked at Petrobras, Schlumberger and Niko Resources.


Kazumi Miura

E&P Director of Brazil

With nearly six decades of experience in exploration and production in the oil and gas industry Kazumi Miura has vast experience and has participated in several significant oil discoveries in Brazil, including onshore and offshore areas, including the Recôncavo, Sergipe and Potiguar basins, and in the shallow waters of the Santos basin.
In his extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, he has held prominent positions in different organizations, having been Director of Petrobras International and Starfish Oil & Gas (Brazil) and Exploration Manager of Petrolera Bridas/Pan American Energy (Argentina).
Kazumi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Engineering from ESALQ – University of São Paulo and Post-Graduate in Petroleum Geology from the University of Bahia, in partnership with Petrobras/Stanford University, USA.

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